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Daughter paid for a van and put it in another girls name. Daughter

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Daughter paid for a van and put it in another girls name.
Daughter and the other girl verbally authorized father, whom is a business owner mechanic to change the motor in the van.

Girl gets mad with daughter and snatches the title, while vehicle is being worked on. Girl brings police to father's business and says she wants the van. Police says that is a civil matter. Girl ask for tags and father gives them to her.

Two days later, girl goes to someone legal and says she wants to report the van stolen. Attorney calls father (business owner) who now has a lein on vehicle and says he could be charged with a felony.

Father wants to know his position.

It sounds like the lawyer is just threatening at this point. The girl already called the police and they didn't do anything. A private lawyer cannot charge you with a crime, that is what the police do.

The situation as you have described it is no different than any other one where the person drops a vehicle off and doesn't pay the bill...

The father has already spoken with the police, and they said it was a civil matter (which it is). They are not going to just charge father with a felony auto theft at this point, without at least attempting to get the car back first.

BotXXXXX XXXXXne: father is not going to be charged with theft, absent something you have not mentioned. He might get sued by the lawyer, but it sounds like father has a valid claim here.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What about the daughter being charged with unauthorized use ???
Probably not. There is some question as to who owns the vehicle at this point, and therefore the police are not likely to get involved. Still, the daughter should probably not drive it around until the issue is resolved.
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