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my brother in law(A) showed me email conversation my sister(B)

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my brother in law(A) showed me email conversation my sister(B) was having with this other guy(C) who is also married and have kids.
I want to help my brother in law(A). He(A) wants my sister(B) back.
What can I tell this guy(C) to threaten him away from my sister(B).
B & C has been meeting and seeing even before A&B got married.
Any legal action that I can take, on C?
We dont' want my sister to know(as she's pregnant with A and going through hard time).
Legal Action? Threatening way?

Well, there is no legal action you can take in this situation. You have not stated that the person has done anything here that would amount ti a legal wrong on any level. Several years back, there used to be a legal cause of action for "alienation of affection" in which a married person could take action against someone who cheated with his spouse. But no such cause of action exists these days.


So you are limited to threatening outside the legal system. You could threaten to tell his wife, which would be perfectly legal to do. You can threaten anything you want, so long as you do not threaten to do something illegal (like beat him up or kill him or something).


But you might have more success taking the high road here. Just call him, tell him that your sister is troubled, and that really need to work through their problems and that you would appreciate it if he would stay out of their marriage. If he doesn't respond, then you can threaten him.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Email does shows that they were having outside of marriage relationship(physical as well), but my brother-in-law wants her back.

And I was hoping that I am able to threaten him by saying if he doesn't stay away, we will take some legal action, whatever that is.


I understand, but you can't really threaten what doesn't exist. There is no cause of action that anyone can take against "the other man" in the modern legal system.


Well, I guess you could threaten it, but it would be nothing more than a bluff. Of course, I assume you came here for accurate legal information, which is what I am giving you. You really can't sue a person for having an extra-marital affair... at least not successfully.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My last question will be...

What are the ways to threaten him?

I am sure you will have more ideas than I do since it's new to me.

Pls give me at least 3 that I can try doing.?

Thank you and have a great day~

Threaten to tell his family. That is the only legal thing I can think of that might have any effect coming from a stranger. Anything else you might threaten to do to him, that would have an impact, is probably going to be illegal (hurt him, defame him, etc.)

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