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My 15 year old daughter and four of her fiends the same age

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My 15 year old daughter and four of her fiends the same age took my car without permission on Friday. One of her friends was driving and hit another car. There was no police report; the owner of the damaged car just wants it repaired. The quote came in at $10,000, more than the value of the car. Do I go after the driver's parents?

Appreciate the help!

Yes, your remedy would be against the driver's parents. However, you will probably be at least partially at fault, since it was your daughter who gave them access to the car.

That said, you can't sue them on behalf of your neighbor. Your neighbor is the one with the damaged car, they could sue both parties (you and the driver's parents) or either one of you. In the case that they just want the money from you, you would have to pay it and then try to recoup some of it from the driver.

So yes, you should start by seeing what the driver's parents are willing to contribute. If nothing, you will probably have to sue them. It would be cleaner if the neighbor sued them though.

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