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I live in a side by side house which I share water and sewerage

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I live in a side by side house which I share water and sewerage with the other tentent. When the bill was due I wrote a check for my share. I have receipts. The other tenent cash the check but did't pay the bill. Now the balance is $822.22. My share of this bill is only $193.38. This person has move and did not pay his portion of this bill. By the way this is the brother of my landlord. This bill needs to be paid by the 19th of this month. Now my daughter stays there and we need to change the name on the account to start out new. Please can you advise me on what to do. Thanks
Thank you for your question. Be sure to go ahead and bookmark for future questions.

First, the deadline is an immovable issue.

There is nothing that can legally be done by the 19th. That is simply too tight a deadline. What I'm about to describe is not convenient, but legally this is what happens in situations like this.

You pay the bill (again), then you go after the landlord's brother in small claims court for compensation. Once you get a judgment you can then go after him and collect it. That will take a few weeks to file and get a court date.

As for putting the utilities in a new tenant's name, that should not be a problem. That is not going to affect the claim the utility has on what it is presently owed.

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