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my daugghter signed a lease with2 other, will be moving in

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my daugghter signed a lease with2 other, will be moving in aug 1 but opportuniy came up has to move back home, deposit paid already

Welcome! My goal is to do my very best to understand your situation and to provide a full and complete answer for you.

Good morning. Because she has signed the lease, she is obligated. BUT,

even though a tenant does not have
the right to terminate a lease unless the landlord is in default in some way,
once the tenant has notified the landlord the tenant is
terminating, the landlord and the other roommates have a duty to mitigate the damages...meaning they must
use reasonable efforts to re-lease the room. Once the property is
re-leased, or if they do not use reasonable efforts to re-lease, the tenant
is off the hook for further obligation. Given
the positive lease market, it is unlikely a judge is going to rule they have
satisfied the burden of using reasonable efforts to mitigate if the room is
not re-leased within at least 2 it's unlikely that a tenant is going
to have liability in excess of two months.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
is there a time that contract can be pulled out since there's 2 weeks left, my daughteer is in chicago and scheduled to be back in texas july 26, and meet with the school faculty, she was given late acceptance offer is better than in chicago
It would be up to the landlord. Unfortunately, there is no cooling-off
period for leasing real property. Once the lease is signed by both parties,
it becomes a valid contract. There
could be grounds to rescind or break the lease if the unit was not acceptable.
For example, if the unit was misrepresented as being something it is not or
having something it does not have, a tenant may declare a rescission of the
contract. Also, if the unit had
significant defects or other problems, the tenant may also declare a rescission
for these reasons. A valid rescission
will terminate the tenant's obligations under the contract. In the case of a rescission, you must set
forth the grounds in a written notice of rescission to the landlord and return
the keys as soon as possible.
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