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How can I find out if my cell phone is under surveillance by

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How can I find out if my cell phone is under surveillance by police or private security?

Thanks for your question.

There are several ways to determine whether your cell phone is being tracked by someone other than the phone company (which is a necessity).

First, check whether your phone is still warm between phone calls. If it is warm even though it hasn't been used in hours, it may be bugged.

Second check whether your phone is interfering with a radio when it is turned off. It is normal for this to happen when it is turned on, but not when it is turned off.

Third, check whether your phone battery is draining quickly.

Fourth, determine if you have an unusually low call volume, or if you are having trouble dialing out.

Fifth, test your phone by placing it next to speakers when you are not using it. A continuous buzzing noise that lasts longer than several seconds is abnormal

Sixth, check whether your phone stays lit up after you have powered it down or if you have difficulty turning it off. Also, if your phone periodically lights up when not in use, or it makes odd clicking sounds or other unusual noises, it may be bugged.

To prevent being tracked, either remove the battery from your phone, or get the phone wiped clean at a cell phone shop and have everything reinstalled.

Hope this helps.

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