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Dave Kennett
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Im wondering if a co. i am thinking of working with on debt

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I'm wondering if a co. i am thinking of working with on debt consolidation is going to scam me or is legit. World Law Group... please help!

Dear JACUSTOMER - We do not provide references for any private business from this website and the best place to inquire is the Better Business Bureau. I have included their website below. there are numerous companies that identify themselves as "debt consolidation" firms but I cannot tell you which ones are reputable or which ones may be scams. So you need to check with the Better Business Bureau for that information.

What I can tell you is that a debt consolidation firm can only do so much to solve your problems and you need to be aware that they cannot control the creditors nor will they represent you if you are sued by a creditor. What the do is try to get your debts settled for a percentage of what is owed after you pay into them a monthly fee. If any single debt is a really large debt such as $10,000 or more it can take a long time for you to pay in enough for the debt consolidation firm to be able to make a reasonable offer and it is likely the creditor will sue before that happens. If your individual debts are relatively small then they can be settled more quickly one by one so the system will work a lot better in those cases. So, assuming the debt firm is legitimate you then need to decide whether they can reasonably assist you or whether you should consider other options such as bankruptcy.

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