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I was in the Disney parks with my wife and kids today. We went

Customer Question

I was in the Disney parks with my wife and kids today. We went to disney world and the security checked our baby bag in the stroller. We latter left to Hollywood studios and when the security asked for the bag I asked him to check it bellow cause i have back problems and was in a bit of pain, explained to him that previously today they had checked it like that. He called the manager to explain to me that it needed to be on the table. In the mean time a cop on detail and of duty is behind us looking at whats going on. The Cop on detail not on duty ran my name and told me and Disney staff I was free to go. Disney staff told me I was free to entered the park. As we are entering the park the officer call us out because the staff wanted to talk to me. Reason was cause the officer told me that even though I had no warrant I was a registered offender. They put me, my wife and kids in a room and issued a trespass warning because as he said it was because i didn't want to get my bag searched when security and even he checked it. They came with a camera and the officer told me that if I didn't let them take my picture i was going to get arrested. I refused to allow them to take my picture over and over again and they did it against my will. I asked to speak to an attorney and the officer would not allow me to call and laugh repeatedly. I like to know what I can do. I can understand the trespass cause this is a private property. I just can't understand them taking pictures of me and my family inside of a room and holding me there against my will when I was not under arrest. and to top it of my wife hearing the manager saying we don't want sex offenders here. I believe my privacy was violated among other things. Thank you kindly for your answer and time
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I will do my best to assist you with your concerns. If you would like me to clarify my answer, I will be happy to do so.

I am terribly sorry to hear that this took place, and I do agree that there are potential violations here. If you were detained without cause and you were not permitted to leave, that is a false arrest OR it is 'false imprisonment'. Those conditions can be pursued both criminally and civilly, especially if you can prove that there was no option provided to you to leave, and you requested to leave the area.

I do not see taking pictures as inherently a violation, because if you are in public, you have no claim to privacy, and if you were on their premises, your images can be taken provided they weren't taken in truly confidential locations such as a restroom. I can understand that it was shocking and unfair, but that is likely not improper. on the other hand possible harassment may be an issue, and something that can also be pursued.

I would very strongly urge that you consider browsing locally for a civil litigation attorney as you do appear to have a legitimate ground for possible recourse. Consider looking at and

Good luck.

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