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My husband was out of town but a car sale came up so my husband

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My husband was out of town but a car sale came up so my husband and I scheduled an appointment for Friday 6/22. On Wednesday 6/20 the dealership called and offered 2,000 off the price if I came down myself. I did although they ended up not keeping the full deal of 2,000. The car is under my husbands name and mine, we are scheduled to go back 6/22 to sign papers. Today I recieved an add for the car I just purchased for almost 4,000 off the price (serial numbers match my car)...Can I do anything about this or do I have to overpay?

Zachary D. Norris :


Zachary D. Norris :

I'm happy to answer your questions.

Zachary D. Norris :

From my understanding of your statements, no paperwork has been signed yet?

Zachary D. Norris :


Zachary D. Norris :

I'm sorry, I am unable to see your last response. Can you repost it?

Zachary D. Norris :

Also, do you have possession of the car?

As long as you have not signed a contract agreeing to the purchase price, you are still able to refuse the purchase unless they give you a better deal.

If you want to discuss this matter further, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Zachary D. Norris
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The chat room didn't would not allow me to respond. Please try again.

We can communicate through this format. It just won't be instant.

Can you tell me if you have signed any paperwork yet?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1. I have signed the paperwork but my husband has not.

2. I have the car

3. I do not have any paperwork except a reciept of money I gave them for down payment.

Ok. I think you are still in a position to be able to negotiate the price down further.

California does not allow you to renege on a contract once its signed (buyer's remorse law) for the purchase of a car. So, if you are contractually bound, there's not much you can do about it. However, since your husband has not signed the document, and it is he that is going to be paying for the car, then you might still be able to get out of the deal.

Take the add with you when you both go to the dealership and tell them you want the better price or you are walking away and they can sue you (just use it as a threat to see if they are willing to negotiate).
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you