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We had tickets to the brothers of the sun concert coming up

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We had tickets to the brothers of the sun concert coming up in July . The tickets cann't be found in the house . we payed hard earned money [600+ FOR TWO SEATS ON THE FLOOR .
tHE TICKET AGENT SAID THEY CANN'T HELP US . We have the papers concerning the tickets that tells every thing . They say they cann't help . There has to be a way since we still know where the seats are and what row . I'm not just giving them that money and not
trying to get help . My wife has been real up set with the fact that we cann't find them . We are not try to pull a fast one we are in our 50's and 60's . Can you help with this .
Ron McCord .

Concert tickets are usually very tricky because they are, in a sense, bearer bond like instruments. In other words, as long as a person has a ticket, it doesn't matter who they are, they get to use the ticket.

Thus, in order to cancel a ticket, you need to be able to specifically identify the tickets. You need to look through the information you have to determine whether there is any ticket number which identifies the tickets, so that you can ask for the lost tickets to be cancelled and re-issued to you.

Your next issue is that you are dealing with a ticketing agent. You need to see if you can contact the ticket issuer, which in this case seems to be Ticketmaster. the process for reissuing tickets is at:

Ticket agents will purchase tickets from ticketmaster and then will hold them out for sale to the public. Really, the ticket agent should do this for you. However, the only way you can force them to do this is to sue them. Since you are on a tight schedule, that probably wouldn't resolve your issue.

The ticket agent is not being honest with you. I would write a stern letter threatening a lawsuit for misrepresentation under the California deceptive trade practice laws under California Business and Professions Code § 17500 et seq. You then need to ask for the specific identification information on the tickets, so that you can contact ticketmaster yourself and get the tickets reissued. But first, demand that the ticket agent do this for you.

If all else fails, you can sue in small claims court to recover the loss of the tickets, claiming that the agent failed to do as you requested and help you get reissued tickets.

Please let me know if you need clarification.

Best Regards,
Zachary D. Norris
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Metro tickets is the one 's that my wife got them from and the said they one issue

one set of tickets . She gives in too easy on what they tell her . Myself I'm a fighter

I won't give up . So your saying to go back to the ticket agent and remind them of the

laws concerning this . And that they can get the ticket reissued .


Yes. While, there are no laws directly controlling the issue of tickets, there are laws governing misrepresentations in a consumer transaction. By telling you that they can't reissue the tickets when they clearly can, and just won't be bothered to, they are misrepresenting a fact, which does violate the law.

I would suggest that you pay them a visit, and tell them they can get the tickets reissued. Tell them they have the ticket numbers and can contact ticket master to get the tickets reissued. Tell them that as your agent, it is their job to do this and they are violating their implied contract by not. Threaten them with legal action in small claims court if they continue to refuse. Be strong and be insistent, and they will likely cave in the end.

Good luck,
Zachary D. Norris
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