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I am in an illegal foreclosure with Ocwen Loan Servicing.

Customer Question

I am in an illegal foreclosure with Ocwen Loan Servicing.I live in Peoria, IL I hired a par-legal? Dennis Heulbig- from Brooklyn to help me and after going to court about 4 times over about an 8 month period he said I should start a trust and I could get the IRS to pay for my house. At this time he started a foreign trust.He wanted me to "fund this trust" and I would have to send him about $4k over a period of time- I trusted him by this time so every month I would send about $500.00 (one month I sent him $750.00) He said I would have stocks in this company of his. But I kept asking where are these shares that I have bought. No answer. Then he said I could claim interest on my house and get $32,600 back from the IRS. I am 65 now and I said many times to him this is too good to be true. I went to H&R Block and talked to someone there who knows a bit about foreign trusts and he called him and they talked for about 10 min. and when they hung up he told me to stop sending him money and contact the Attorney General in Chicago- so I did. Now I have asked him many times to send back the original POA which he refuses to do. A local lawyer left a message with his service but he has not returned her calls and his regular phone # XXXXX been d/c for a couple of weeks now. I do still have his e-mail and fax #. This same lawyer said she could help me sue Ocwen but dealing with this company of his is getting too complicated. I called several lawyers in the area and either they are too busy or for some reason they can't help me. Ocwen is so corrupt that one lawyer said "sue first and ask questions later" Thank You Barbara Jo XXXXXXX  XXX-XXX-XXXX
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  MShore replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the post Barbara, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. What question can I answer for you regarding this matter?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How do I get Heulbig to cooperate? I keep telling him he really doesn't want to mess with me!! He bluffs so much that he thinks I'M BLUFFING. I wanted to check him out a long time ago to see if he if he really did go to school for 10 months to be a par-legal and he said he went to law school (online) in upstate N.Y.for 2 yrs. Over the past 13 months we have spent hours on the phone and I have saved all of our countless e-mails. He really did seem to know what he was talking about and he has sent me several articles and legal documents showing what he is doing is legal. That lawyer I mentioned- Debbie Harper told me that by him being in N.Y. it is illegal for him to be helping me here in IL I had a 1 hr consultation with her and she read the 5 pg "HDPC SHAREHOLDERS QPRT HOLDINGS TRUST"and she said this trust will own this house in the yr 2021.
In April he had ME send an Offshore Voluntary Discclosure to the criminal Investigation Dept at the IRS in Philadelphia (no response from them) SO I thought he has nothing to hide if he asked me to do that!!
To make matters worse I think he works out of his apt in Brooklyn and only has a P.O. box. He used to have an office on Wall St
1) I need to know step by step what to do next
2) How do I find someone willing to help me take on this mess? Should I try to find a law student here in IL? OR a retired judge or lawyer ( I can only afford $250../mo OR $500/mo MAX
3) whithout "sugar coating" anything is it possible to undo this mess? I need some HOPE
What is my order # XXXXX this- I tried to find it last nite
Should I wait for the Attorney Generals report? Should I contact the IRS again? Maybe this time I will get a response
I have a case conference set up for 11-5-12 so there is some time but I have alot to do and time goes by very fast!
Expert:  MShore replied 5 years ago.
How much in total did you pay him?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
To fund the trust? about $2,300 and he sent me a threatening e-mail just a couple of days ago to send another $2.300. I know I will never see this money again. In his e-mail he said to have my lawyer call him. Like I said she tried. He's getting desperate
Expert:  MShore replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, this is a small claims matter, you do not need counsel to bring suit to claim fraud and the return of your $2300. Did the AG's office indicate it would investigate the matter on your behalf, or are they still processing your complaint?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They are still processing my complaint-
If he doesn't have the money how can I get it back?
How do I get him to send the Power of Attorney (original) back to me?
Since I signed these papers can he "steal my house"?
I want to sue him for fraud but not in small claims
Expert:  MShore replied 5 years ago.
If he does not have the money, your recourse would be to garnish his wages and or lien his assets. Aside from a court order, there is no way to force him to send the PoA back, but you can send notice of rescission of the PoA to him and alert all parties whom he contacted using the PoA that his privileges/right to do so has ceased. Regarding the venue for your suit, is it that you do not want to sue in small claims court because you are seeking more than the small claims cap?