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I have been falsely accused by DCF in 2008 of neglect of my

Customer Question

I have been falsely accused by DCF in 2008 of neglect of my 14yr old daughter never was told what was the neglect, I was asked to move back into her dads house by her dad so I could home school her to get her into ninth grade and i made it happen her dad went behind my back and put a false restraining order on me , didn't know why went to court and the judge said I was not allowed to return to the house I was devastated disabled, my ex was a serious abuser toward me and my children who have never talked to this guy, step dad which he was not the one who supported anyone well in the mean time I ran scared 3 + yrs. As I was gone married moved away my daughter quit school, few moths later her boy who was living in her dads house no license 3:30 am I get a call my daughter was in the ER her boy friend no license was doing 90+ miles an hour my daughter said she was screaming to stop only it was to late, the car air horned 30-40 in air through trees after the car had been thrown around and finally landed on back end with barely anything left to car , car kids are unconscious cars on fire as they are in an out of consciousness some how they got out with the boy friends help only they were in bad shape my daughter was brought back to life 3/4 x's before she regained any sense of where she was and what happened broken back screws and steal plates in foot and ankle 5 months later she is pregnant as I write this I came back to this state to help her and as I was here her dad an ex abuser to me and my children started again this time I made it out or I got him away from me as I closed a deal with him and he wasn't happy with it now cops are showing up going to put me the mother who's been physically and mentally abused , again were my ex h was appeasing , distortion , manipulating, 10 months of this horror I shut down and stay in this mobile home that I was to purchase from him which he had already gotten $30,000.00 & more Im not sure how he got this far with me only my new husband of 3 yrs new something was very wrong when I feel as though I had disassociated with life 3 showers in 10 months that is not me I was so dysfunctional I couldn't think ,move I sat in a and slept in the same chair when and if I slept ? My new husband stayed her which ended up to be a night mare my daughter is pregnant due any day she was having co fractions so I went to her dads forcefully for her in the am the dad said by Friday make sure you have some close packed and get over here his house because he was going to take my husband out and i would never see him again, I left ran home and new something was wrong sure enough my ex said theres going to be a problem ? I think I snapped out of whatever happened and started to realize we my ex h was going to kill my husband and I was going next we couldn't give him money fast enough only he still threading us , using my daughter to go to police and have me locked up when it was me who helped her this whole time I order and had everything shipped to her house $4/5,000.00+ for her baby and her she is for absolutely insane to try and do that my thought is to knock off my husband while she's having me locked up, police are threading me saying I'm harassing her when infect it's her dad putting her up to this they want money they have gotten in 10 months $100,00.00 at least that amount DCF IS THE ONE BACK A FEW YRS AGO WHO SAID I WAS UNFIT IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL MY HUSBAND AND I NEED GUIDANCE CAN WE PRESS CHARGES AGAINST DCF FOR FALSLY ACCUSIN? The officer who continues to threat ten me saying he getting a warrant to arrest me ? For what? What is going on? Please help us
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 5 years ago.

Hello there


Can you please tell me what state you are located in ?


Have you tried to take out restraining orders on your ex husband?


Is your daughter now over 18 and not subject to DCF rulings any longer?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My husband and I were to get a protective order only at same time he had to be AT&T office with a balance of $19,000.00 to pay a bal he said was still due on this mobile home so they gave him the run around next day police show up here saying we are getting arrested ! For what ?? Your meaning my daughter my daughter has wrote a written statement under othe t
I'm harassing her ? I told the officer this is crazy , what the he'll is going ? Then I got somewhat angry thinking saying they fool you too, your listening to them they are out right lying and you are falling for them , my husband had to leave his job and come home police said we should have gotten a protective order ASAP ,today my husbands home from work going to women's center to see if we can get a restraining order,
As far as my daughter yes she turn 18 only you would think she is 13 , this dad of hers is insane I'm lead serious he is meetings with her mond twisted stories he controls her the boy friend is constantly putting her in head locks and she's crying and drug maj , my daughter is due to have a baby anytime , DCF gave custody and favored the dad when I told them the dad was feeding kids alcohol and there was a guy living in house with my daughter , they didn't listen they believed whatever the dad said and we have been trying to get those records point is DCF put my daughter a a serious risk and all that I told them happened, can I press charges against DCF for false a ligation
Expert:  Legalease replied 5 years ago.

Hello again


Unfortunately, pressing any kind of charges or lawsuit against DCF is simply impossible. In every state in the US, the children's services agency is the one agency that even makes Judges quake with fear due to the chance that the judge might lose his own children to a witchhunt. My suggestion to you here is to get the restraining orders filed on your ex husband and even if he has one on you then there will be dual RO's out there and usually when th epolice see that they will refuse to act on either RO because they do not know which side is worse. I would simply walk away from them right now and let your daughter sit in a stew of her own making -- and then after the baby is born call DCF on the entire household because it doesn't sound like they are going to get any better after the baby is born either.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
Mary needed more info and I sent it and forgot to give state which is Dabury CT, this is of regency we really need to know our rights , this ex of mine want our money we sold our beautiful beach home in Newport RI to pay this guy off only he wants more , my ex will break every restraining order, he has a bunch of people under his control with police scanners ,what do we do please help us we are abused and me I'm finally able to talk I shut down and withdraw from life for 10 months they abused me so severely I gave them all that I could my new husband could understand what was going on so he came up here and I was in bad shape asking forf him to please forgive me I could talk it's never going to end I know this ex of mine we are scared for our lives he will knock off my husband and we do have certain accounts that leave us safe and able to enjoy life why am I hee that would bevy next ? I had a beautiful life I came here because of a deadly accident my daughter was in at 16 she did pull through and after accident she got pregnant and and her back is still has a broken back ,
Expert:  Legalease replied 5 years ago.

Hello again


I did see that the state is CT before I gave my answer above. Other than getting your own restraining order on your ex and starting to call the DCF yourself, there really isn't much more I can tell you here unless you want to hire a local lawyer to handle any issues that come up because of these matters. I will opt out of the question and put it back on the board and if anyone has any further suggestions I am sure they will post here on line for you. Do not respond to this message because then the question will be routed to me again and we want it to go back on the board for another lawyer to pick up.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have already paid please let me know ?
I'll check to see if it went to u
Expert:  Legalease replied 5 years ago.
It went through -- thank you.