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I am being sued for unlawful detainment and am accused of still

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I am being sued for unlawful detainment and am accused of still residing in the home when both the lawyer and the judge know that I do not reside their, also the plaintiff are using for exhibits someone else's lease, I am disabled and unable to handle the constant harrassment and have been hospitilized and permenatly damaged from Shingle due to the stress. i lost my lawyer and am being forced into bankruptcy for this as I cannot afford to pay or fight. per witnessed agreement it was a work to rent basis on a farm and I have proof we worked and paid but was to ill in hospital to turn in the paperwork requested now im told by plaintiff lawyer i cannot even submit paperwork to prove case how do I procede if I cannot even drive or stand long enough to face the suit?

Your predicament sounds very troublesome. My understanding is that you had an arrangement with the landlord to perform farming work in exchange for rent. You are stating that the landlord is using false evidence and is accusing you of living on the property when you do not in fact live on the property. You also state that you cannot go to court to defend yourself because you are too sick.

You also stated that the lawyer you have hired has recommended that you settle the case. The best thing you can do right now is start writing letters. You need to write a letter to your attorney stating that he has to represent you, and that you choose not to settle the case and demand that he fight for you. Also tell him your predicament.

As long as you are represented by an attorney in this case, that is the extent of what you can do. If you fire the attorney, then you can send a letter to the judge and the plaintiff's attorney and explain your situation.

You can also declare bankruptcy. This would stop the lawsuit against you.

Finally, the worst case scenario is that you get a judgment against you, ordering you to get out of the house, where you don't live, and to pay money. If you don't have substantial assets, then it is unlikely that the other side will be able to collect anything. You may be what we call "judgment proof."

Please let me know if you need further information.

-Zachary D. Norris
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If you write a letter to the judge, be sure to copy the plaintiff's lawyer on the letter. It is against the rules to communicate with the judge outside the presence of the other party.

Best of luck,
Zachary D. Norris