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Hello,I would like to make a question.About a year now,I have

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Hello,I would like to make a question.About a year now,I have a website,and I paid for it an amount to be on line.Unfortunately,without any explanation,the owners of the company,interrupted and closed down my website because they believe that my content was inappropriate.No,I m a professional and I scratch my head to look for what I have done.I do not know what inappropriate content means,at least for them.Nothing really.My bandwidth space over and I need to buy more GB.I did spend all my credits because their experts , had adviced me to do so,in order to unfrozen my website.But my website continued to be frozen and closed since friday till now.Furthermore,they do not try to help me or give explanations of what happened.I get in touch many times witht he center of their experts to resolve the problems but their policy is not talk on line for abuse issues.They told me that I violated their terms in this way.Yesterday they told me that that it was inappropriate content.They delay my work,the loss of money and traffic and of course,my clients are disatisfied too.I m also disatisfied with the way they face me up.They denied every kind of dialogue for five whole days.I m trying to explain to them that have to pay me back or return the moeny to me.I cannot take my moeny back because I need to do this in just one month after my subscription,but they have to pay me for this damage and disruption.I will renew my subscription in July,but I do not think so,I have already started to look for a more serious company where I can build my work.Even now they do not answe to me which i have the right to know what is going on.Another thing I told me instantly yesterday,is that I need to get in my website and delete a photo ..perhaps.They did not told me the specific content I must delete.In addition I told them that i could not log in my website because it is frozen and I cannot manage my website.They had to do this or unfrozen my website,so I can take content,my articles,my work and walk away.They do not do anything from all that.And I m not leaving wirthout my work and clients list.I would appreiate your advice,thank you.
Where is the website hosting company located?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the company name is XXXXX XXXXX is frozen you can look nothing now,just only this

This business is based in the United States. Therefore you relationship will likely be governed by US law. You will need to review the service agreement and see what terms there are that control the freezing of your account.

Also, depending on what your webhosting agreement states, you may granted ownership rights over your website.

Being that you are located in Greece, you are going to have a very hard time forcing to do anything. You would have to hire an attorney in the US to press the claim for you. Of course, this all depends on whether you have a viable claim, which is impossible to tell from this forum, as we would need to read the terms of service that controls the relationship between you and

Please let me know if you nee further information.

Best Regards,
Zachary D. Norris
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