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Hi i live in the state of NJ i recently had a problem in a

Resolved Question:

Hi i live in the state of NJ i recently had a problem in a parking lot handicap space i was with my nephew who is a year old and my mother we had to make a shoprite run at 8:30pm and i was in bricktown it was late at night and dark every handicap space was open so i pulled in with no intention of going in2 the store my mother was going in for me i wanted to sit under a lite so i wasnt in a dark section of the parkinglot being that i had the baby with me, just as my mother was getting out of the car a cop pulls in behind me and he was some kind of special cop at least thats what the "real police" called hin "special" anyway he was very nasty to me i asked him if i could move and he proceded to tell me that im 25yrs old and i should know better i sais sir my car isnt even off im not really parked ill move please and it will never happen again BUT being that i asked him why he was being so nasty to ne he wrote me a ticket anyway and said and i quote "i wouldnt have giving you a ticket but you questioned me thats why you got one" im debating going to court and pleading not guilty but a officer i know in the same town said to just pay it and be done with it because he talked to him and said that he asked me to move 3 times and i refused im outraged over the lies this dirtbag cop said but the officer that i know said the judge will take his word over mine. What should i do? is it legal what was done to me? please help...
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  TexLaw replied 5 years ago.

I'm sorry to hear about this situation. The officer should have chosen to not give you a ticket. However, if your car was occupying a handicap spot without a permit, then you have technically violated the law. It does not matter that your car was still running or that you were sitting in the car.

Nevertheless, the penalty for this ticket in NJ is $250.00. I suggest contesting the ticket. This will probably involve taking off of work. If you are given the opportunity, try to schedule the court date for when you think the officer that gave you the ticket is on duty. That will make it much more likely that he will not show up and you could have your case dismissed.

Good Luck,
|Zachary D. Norris
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