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My company has been in arbitration and been awarded an amount

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My company has been in arbitration and been awarded an amount by Tanzania High Court. Thereafter the Registrar of the court has provided his certificate. There were no objections to the award which were sustained and the time for challenging the High Court Ruling has expired. The Ministry for which we worked is represented by the Attorney General. Attorney General has not raised any objection and is the authority to advise the Ministry of Finance to pay. The Certificate by the Registrar is issued in 2009 but no payment is forthcoming. We also do not receive any reply. The Tanzanian Embassy has recently bought real estate in USA but the property is used as diplomatic mission.
I have posed a similar question before and there is supposed to be one answer from you available. This question does however include more information than the previous one.
I am sorry but my opinion is that your lawyer is Sweden is correct that a foreign diplomatic embassy or mission is exempt from execution under a judgment.

Even executing on an Embassy bank account is virtually impossible, see'lBus.L.707(1988).pdf

If the executive branch of the government has refused to pay the judgment, you may have to lobby the Bunge to pass an appropriations bill to pay the judgment.

You can find collection attorneys in Tanzania listed at

But even property of a sovereign Nation inside the country is protected from execution, so if none of the lawyers has a better plan, you might consider lobbying for an appropriations bill.

I hope this information is helpful.
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You asked
Comments: Does you reply also include other real estate outside the country where these assets are not of diplomatic nature.

No, nondiplomatic assets are not immune from execution, as explained at'lBus.L.707(1988).pdf