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What charges can be pressed against a 17 yr old boy who picks

Resolved Question:

What charges can be pressed against a 17 yr old boy who picks up a 16 yr old from her home without permission who decides to runaway. She calls him to come pick him up with a 20 yr old and drops them off somewhere supposedly and now they're both missing and he says he doesn't know anything about it?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 5 years ago.

Hello there


Under Louisiana civil code article 29 the age of majority is 18 there. What this means is that because the 17 year old is not yet an adult, he cannot be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor (because he is also a minor), so there really are no crimes that the 17 year old can be charged with if he simply picked up the 16 year old and brought her somewhere. However, if the 17 year old knows where she is / where they are and refuses to tell the police he may be charged with obstruction of justice because he is impeding a criminal investigation and if something happens to her then he can be charges with accessory to a criminal charge. Then, if she is found with the 20 year old, the 20 year old can be brought up on a variety of different charges, as follows: (A) contributing to the delinquency of a minor, (B) parental interference (outsider interfering with the parental authority of her parents or guardians), (C) if they are having sex, he can be charges with Felony carnal knowledge (statutory rape LA statute section 14-80) for a person age 19 or older with a person age 12-17 is a felony punishable up to 10 years hard labor in prison and it does not matter if the 16 year old consented to the relations because in LA, a juvenile under the age of 17 is considered in the eyes of the law and this statute incapable of making such a decision (parents, doctors, counselors, school officials and Dept of Children's Svcs typically bring these charges against the young man in these situations); and finally, (D) if the 16 year old's parents have filed a police report for a missing minor and he is with her he can also be charged with obstruction of justice and/or impeding a police investigation.


I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.




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