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my mother-in-law is 92 yrs. old. she is still very agile,

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my mother-in-law is 92 yrs. old. she is still very agile, does her own house and yard work, etc., however she has dementia. a year ago i took her for an eye exam and we were told her eyes are so bad that she could never drive again. the doctor wrote a letter to our states' drivers license dept. and her license were revoked, and her car insurance ceased. we have just found out that she still drives to her neighborhood grocery, etc. no amount of reasoning my husband tries with her, she only gets angry and makes him leave her home. he knows he has to disable her car, but she gets so angry and threatens him. he is having a hard time doing this to his mother. one of my big concerns is that if she were to drive and hurt, or worse, kill someone could we (my husband and i ) be held responsible? if the answer is yes, i can convince my husband that he has to act immediately! when a parent is no longer able to think rationally, is it the responsibility of their adult child to ensure the safety of not only the parent, but also others that could be endangered by the parent's actions?

thank you, j. day
No, as a general rule, you are not responsible for the negligence of your parents, or any other adult, unless you have agreed to be responsible in writing or have been appointed guardian by the court.
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