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Ok been a customer of a location for 25 yrs and the last 2

Customer Question

Ok been a customer of a location for 25 yrs and the last 2 I require help because of a disability. I been ordering and paying by phone and having someone I hired to pick up the grocerys. The new store manager of last spring is a considered hard and a dick by some of the employees that work there. It started a couple of months ago as I would call and asked for a certain dept to see what food they had or for someone to help me in that dept he Mike the store manager of that location yelled at his employee and told him not to help me. He said is that the guy the shops by phone with us in a hostile and unwelcoming tone. The produce guy apolized to me and told me he wasnt allowed to help and stay on the phone. The next time I called there the customers service people that initally answer the phone said we are not allowed to connect you to any dept manager said. Just email the list and we will get the items for you. Then came what seemed the inevitable with this jerk. I called the next time and the girl said were not allowed to talk to you hold on and connected me to one of the store managers assisants. He said were not going to do business with you anymore go to another store that has concerige service. I asked whats the reason he was evasive and said call Mike the store manager in the morning. I can not go to a far away store nor have anyone to got there either. I was without lunch and dinner for almost a week and water for about 2 days. If this guy wants a war I will give it to him. I know where I see the dicrimination. title section 3 and freedom of speech. Who in the heck does he think he is can I come after him with a demand letter and threaten to sue? Otherwise he may want to watch the movie scare face over. What areas can I cause this idiot more work and trouble just like I been having. List them all ok. I already had a lawyer friend call his area manager her name is XXXXX XXXXX ma and she never called me back. There all pretty stupid in that large company but I fight when someone trys to f**k me like that.



Here is more detail if you need it.

I have sever OCD which limits me from going in the grocery store and everywhere and am on SSD for it. I been shopping by calling up the store and then emaling them a list and having the store personal ringing it up while on the phone to correct any mistakes or wrong items by there associates. The store manager was replaced at that location last spring. He has never spoken to me once on the phone although I have researched and he has a complaint history as a racist in that store however I am white. About 2 months while I was on the phone with a particular department with the employee of the store I over heard him and tell the employee is that the guy the shops with us on the phone with hate in his voice and he also howlered at the produce guy to get back to work and not help me or answer any questions I may. Then came a point where if I would call there to ask to be conected to a particular dept to ask what was available food was or what was the weekly sale he the store manger directed all his employess that intially answer the phone to not connect me to any dept and that I was just to email what I wanted and that was that. This was very frustrating since I wanted to see what foods they had or had not in order to construct my list accordingly. Now the next time I called there to do my twice a month shopping list I was told by several of the people who answered the phone in customer service that they were not allowed to talk with me and that they no longer can accept my list and that the store manager made this decision. I then asked to be contected to him and one of his assisance asnwered I asked him why no more grocerys he in a happy tone of voice said we are done doing business with you and refered me to another store where that store has a conciere service for that which is far away from my home and I always have someone pick up the grocerys anyway and they can not go to that location either. I asked what was the reason since I been a customer at that location for 20 yrs or more. He was very secretive and said call Mike the store manager. Oviously I'm not stupid if a store manager never comes to the phone and speaks with a customer who spends 300.00 each time and has been shopping there before he even had that store what does that tell you. I know what it tells me ok. I also called that far away store the other night and had a few people I knew in that store location and asked them to get me some grocerys together and as they were the store manager there which is a bitch instructed her employees to not continiue and made them put the items back after they were all on the counter and said if he wants something he will have to call the conceire the next day during that shift. A few yrs ago I actually tried to shop there but she was very unhelpful and made her employees not help me as some of them were nice and actually were sneeking and getting items for me while she wasn't looking. I want to put a full court press on these disgusting individuals so give me the outline and where to take it from hear. I have recoreded some of the conversations and the other day had a lawyer female friend talk the regional women of the area in non litigation terms to see if the female can converse and get results with the other female and I was supposed to get a phone call from the regional manager of that area but have nothing. I was without food for 4 days the other day and was for almost 2. With my condition it is very difficult and I have really no help so don't suggest that. My goal is to get them shopping for me again by phone and have things picked up like usual once every two weeks. I have a former milatary person and the more I stay without my normal food protocol the more they have no idea what I thinking but you do. So some suggestions with results would be appreciated ok.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Fran-mod replied 5 years ago.
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