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i recieved a letter from midas financial group in Amsterdam.

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i recieved a letter from midas financial group in Amsterdam. What is this?
Thank you for your question. Be sure to go ahead and bookmark for future questions.

If could, please summarize the contents of the letter for me. That way I can best answer your question.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Documentation to securely transfer funds


( Sharay Alexie )

Verify my appointment as nominated trustee:



Precedure for claiming prize money Legal disclosure for check recipients.


These rules are governed by the laws pertaining to cash trading funds transfers and are written clearly, in plain english. Verify each step to recieve your cash award when funds become realized when designated trades are finalized YOU WILL RECIEVE REALIZED FUNDS, 100% GUARANTEED.

When you are PAID our firm gets the largest check realized off to you, by federal express, if you wish. I know you wouldn't want any delay in getting this CASHIER'S CHECK INTO your bank account right away, (This winner's check will clear the bank THE NEXT DAY it's certified or you can cash it the same day, if you want the money in your hands) Our firm can even make arrangments to call your bank to verify it for you!

1. you must check your personal trust fund guarentee number to make sure it is the 1 for Sharay Alexie, you can sign the identity affidavit we have enclosed, and have 1 picture ID ready to show the courier who delivers your check the next day.

2. You must tell us if you wish a certified check, a money order, or regular bank check for $15,000,000.00 aggregate payment. You can make arrangements to recieve cash, if you wish, but we must let you know now that you must pay taxes on your prize even if delivered in cash. Also, we will deduct $100.00 from the prize to pay for the bonded courier who will deliver it to your home, we feel it is much safer to recieve a check, but it is up to you. * Wire Transfer now available for nominal fee.

3. Our Security Cheif, Major Jonathan Harper (retired), will check your claim number and affidavit. when everything checks out, the check for designated $15,000,000.00 or awarded fractional denomination thereof will be cut payable to Sharay Alexie. YOU are on file as living PO Box 16, Kalskag, AK.

4. Make sure you use our official reply envelope. I am going to ask you to write "CW" on the outside of the envelope. This stands for Cash Winner, and will alert our staff that your acceptance form has arrived safely at our office.

I wish to claim my appointment as a cash income beneficiary. Here with my $20.00 administration fee.

" this document has an address, telephone number and fax number. "

Finishing enclosed is type of payment for the $20.00 administration fee. in credit card form...i can't tell if this is fraud or real.


Thank you very much

Sharay Alexie

These sort of "out of the blue" lottery, prize and inheritance windfalls are a well-documented form of scam. Their form varies, and some are more sophisticated than others. Ultimately, it is either a way to get money out of you or to get enough information to steal your identity. Regardless, do not make any further contact or provide them any funds or further information.

If you require more information, I will be happy to follow up with you. In the meantime, please remember to click Accept so that I get credit for my time assisting you. If my answer has been especially helpful, please also consider a suitable BONUS.

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