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I know in the state of Pennsylvania, there is something called

Resolved Question:

I know in the state of Pennsylvania, there is something called the Pizza Hut exception, which permits minors in an establishment that serves alcohol, but 50% or more of the revenues comes from food and/or soda. However, adults under 25 cannot drink while sitting at a table with a minor present under the Pizza Hut exception. I have, however, seen table arrangements in McDonalds where there are a bunch of two-person tables that are only 1-2 feet between each other, allowing for conversation between people at adjacent tables. If such an arrangement is used at a restaurant that serves alcohol, but can allow minors under the Pizza Hut exception, what are the legal implications should an adult being served alcohol while sitting at a table adjacent to a minor in such an arrangement?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Pro replied 5 years ago.
OK you are right.

The Pizza Hut Exception - is an exception to the law which allows minors to frequent a licensed premises for the purpose of eating food.

The specific rules that apply to the Pizza Hut Exception - the licensee must be able to demonstrate that 50% or more of their total sales are food and non-alcoholic beverages combined and 50% or less is alcohol. The minors must be seated in the dining area or the take out area of the establishment. No alcohol is to be served at the table or booth in which the minor is seated, unless they are properly accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or under proper supervision.

There is NO restriction as to tables or booths next to a table or booth were a minor is seated.

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