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This is about my 13 year old daughter and her middle school

Resolved Question:

This is about my 13 year old daughter and her middle school staff
Since January 4 2012 until today February 29 she has been accused of doing something on average every 13 days. The first time a student told the principle that she wrote the word "snow" on her Facebook. She was given a one day detention. Next, she was accuse that her breath smelled like alcohol she was taken to the office with many teachers and vice principle smelling her breath of coarse the vice search all her stuff they found nothing, yet all of their suspicions gave and continue to give accusing looks and accusations and sent her back to class. This was all repeated again today. Twice I went to see the main principle
right away. From his relaxed in his chair he just smiled, said he did not know, and raised his hands. To me their being big bullies. What do you advise
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  NateLawAnswers replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your question. Be sure to go ahead and bookmark for future questions.

If the administration is unresponsive, then you need to go to the district. The superintendent and the school board member that represents your district need to be consulted. Going over the head of the school is your only option at this point. If your daughter is being treated unfairly, this is the way to solve it.

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