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Is there a statute of limitations on court costs and fines?

Customer Question

Is there a statute of limitations on court costs and fines? I was involved in a domestic case in which the charges were dropped. I paid the clerk what I was told to pay at the time, prior to leaving the district justice's office. Now 15 YEARS later, I received a notice of impending bench warrant against me for some additional costs that I was never made aware of. I don't know if somebody just got through their inbox or what, but am I still obligated to pay these costs after 15 years and this is the very first notice I have received or do I have a defense against paying these costs after so much time has passed?

Thank you.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LawBeagle replied 5 years ago.

Unfortunately there is no statute of limitations on court imposed fines, just as there are no statute of limitations on unpaid parking tickets. Your best bet at this point will probably be to contact the court clerk's office and explain your situation (go there in person if you can), provide any documentation you have, and ask that the court reduce or waive the fee, especially if you can show that you paid what they told you to pay at the time. Otherwise, they may also be willing to give you an extension.

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