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I worked for a municipality as a transit operator in Washington

Resolved Question:

I worked for a municipality as a transit operator in Washington state for 30 years
One day I was asked by my Base Chief for me to speak to her in her office. Once there she asked me if I was taping our conversation. I replied no. She then as me would I be interested in taking an earlry reitirement if King County Metro offered me a $100.000.00 to do so. I replied no. I then asked her why did she asked me that question?
She responded that her immediate superior had told her because they were tied of me filing numerous complaints of racial harassment over the years and paying me to go away would be cheaper for them to just pay to go away than using other agencies to achieve the same result.
Two weeks later I was accused of prevoiusely sexual harassing and now assaulting a white female co-worker, who happen to be married to King County Base Chief. Inspite of the fact according to that Municipal Human Resourse Department the victim had never filed any type of harassment complaint against me nor had she visited a municipal hospital or her own doctor to be examine for the injury and then put on L&I for this allege injury which is standard practice any time you're injured on the job. Instead these rogue managers had her go to drug facility that was directly under their control. She was diagnosed with semi-concussion. There is no such injury! The same Drug facility Doctor refused to testify he made such a diagnosis.
Then the same rogue municipal transit managers used its own Security Liason Officer to accompamy the victim with her Base Chief husband to a local district court to obtain a restraining order, that they would later used as proof that an assault by me occurred.
I filed for assistance from my union and was able to get a 2 to 1 vote that my case would go to arbitration. Yet the same union president that encouraged the membership to vote for my arbitration deliberately never filed my arbitration request using establish contract means to do so. Which resulted in me losing my right to arbitrate. That same union official would later be used by the same rogue managers as a victim to prevent me from filing a federal appeal or suing my union for breach of contract, as one the victim of another fabricated charge of the three counts of felony harassment.While preparing for my up coming lawsuit against my former employer my own attorney while intoxicated told me he had accepted money from my previous employer to compromise my Federal Lawsuit against them. When I told him he fired he laughed and said it did matter to him since he was'nt going to turn my files over to anyone else. He also told me that the Washington State Bar would not lift a finger to help me to get my files back until the they useless to me.
When I asked him how would he know that? He responded try getting your files back and see for your self. I did try and like my corrupt attorney said no attorney would touch my case nor did the Washington Bar Association lift a finger to get my files back until they were useless to me.
I notified the Federal Judge presiding over my Lawsuit in his court of the latest developement my between me and attorney and that my attorney had been compromised.
What occurred next was shocking. THe Federal Judge sealed my complaint of Attorney misconduct and order me to pursue with suit with my current attorney, represent myself or drop my lawsuit againt the municipal entity.
Aweek later I lost my case. Within three days of losing my case the same Municipal managers were able to get another Municipal Employee that was originally since by the union to assist me with my lawsuit against my former employer accused me of calling her up three days earlier and threatening to kill three individuals that were involved in my federal lawsuit against my former employer.
This witness stated that I had call her up after the concution of my doom lawsuit at 10 p.m.and threaten to kill who I believed were responsible for my lawsuit debacle for 35 minutes and concluded the call by calling her a white bitch.
This witness then waited 12 hours later to report this to a manager of the original group managers that were responsible in getting me fired and compromising my Federal Case.
The witness was encourage to make a 911 call to the Seattle police to report this threat.
The same rogue managers would later have the 911 tape destroy before my public defender who would later request the 911 be available to her ti aid her in her up coming trial.
A warrent would be issued for my arrest three days after I received a call from this witness.
My bail will be set at $300.000.00 and I would set in a Municipal jail for nine months and two weeks. I would be found innocent of all charges within 15 minutes of the Jury delibreration. Their witness was also a victim of the municipality her self. She had accused three high profile Municipal Official of be pedophiles that preyed on her child protect custody children. They had those files sealed by judge. More info..
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 5 years ago.
I am amazed at what has happened to you and am dismayed to hear this. I am afraid however that you would need an attorney in WA state who is licensed to practice there to represent you and you cannot use an out of state attorney. You may need an attorney from a different area of the state from your employer and you can find one at the same sites used by other attorneys, or

You also should be appealing the dismissal of your suit to the US District Court of Appeals and citing all of the errors and problems that have occurred leading to the case dismissal and you only have 30 days from that dismissal to do so.

In addition, because you are alleging this collusion you should be also turning your evidence over to the FBI Civil Rights Division who will come in to investigate and determine whether or not they have a case to intervene.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1. I was unable to file an appeal in Federal Court because my previous employer made sure I was incarcerated with another trumpted up charge of Three Counts of Felony Harassment.

2. The witness they used was flawed. They were able to get a prosecutor to have her records sealed by a superior court judge.And me incarcerated from filing an appeal in Federal Court and suing my union for breach of contract.

3. The FBI said they don't work for me. It took me contact the Inspect General to get them to say that.

4. I could get attorney from another state to represent me as long as that Attorney is sanctioned to or qualified to by this State Bar Association.

5. I want you confirm that the latest Supreme Court decision specificly states that if the injured party can prove there was a pattern of Procutorial Misconduct was present I Would be able to use the 1983 civil rights act.


I'm was incarcerated for nine months. I'm using the fact that the King County rogue managers knew I only had 30 days to file for an appeal that why they were able to use a flawed witness to accuse me of crime to assure I would be unable to file an appeal within 30 days or file a lawsuit against my union for forfeiting my my arbitration.


I only have three years from my wrongful incarceration to file a lawsuit for that, and for King County preventing me from filing an appeal in Federal Court.when I could of.


Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 5 years ago.
1) The fact you were in jail would be grounds to file a motion for permission to file your appeal out of time since you were physically prevented from filing by the incarceration.

2/3) This was information you did not make me aware of, but I am afraid that nobody can make the FBI investigate.

4) Yes you can get an attorney from another state who will have to associate with an attorney in WA and apply for admission Pro Hac Vice, but this is going to cost you money up front and there are no attorneys I know of who will do this on a contingency basis you will have to pay a retainer up front and an hourly rate of approximately $350 per hour at the least.

5) Yes, the latest under Connick is if you prove there was an ongoing pattern of misconduct this could indeed be a 1983 claim.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I need to know if you were in my shoes what would you do? I only have till August 9th file a lawsuit for my unlawful incarceration but in order to do that I need to show a pattern. Can I use the federal case of wrongful termination to prove that pattern because they are only 3 days apart?
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 5 years ago.
The case of wrongful termination is only one piece of your evidence and you will need more than that, as these cases have a very high standard of proof. Without actual examination of all of your evidence we cannot tell you not to proceed and cannot even tell how strong your cases is and you would need to get an in person appointment with a local attorney to make that evaluation and you can find those civil rights attorneys at or
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

#1.The wrongful termination and the wrongful incarceration were done by the same people using te same mythods.


#2. The wrongful incarceration was done to prevent me from filing an appeal in the 9th district Court of Appeals for my wrongful termination.

Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 5 years ago.
You have to prove that there was a connection to the two cases and I understand what you are saying, but the evidence you have needs to be evaluated by a local attorney to determine the strength because evaluation of your evidence is beyond the scope of this service.
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