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i,m work with somebody he has big compagny tile marble restoration

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i,m work with somebody he has big compagny tile marble restoration when i first start ,he said he gonna pay me25% and then when the job like 3.000 dollars he put the commision down .more i work ,i make less money he keep all the money .one more thin , when i work something broke watever i dont broke nothin he make me pay 50%for me 50% for my friend he have insurance,insurance suppose to cover that . i work for him 4years almost 5yrs he dont pay overtime watever time i finish the job i dont get pay .need my 25%back what u can do for me about that ?
You are entitled to be paid and be paid in full!

If employer wont do so, you have a few choices. You may pursue a civil lawsuit for your damages. You can do it alone in small claims court or have a lawyer pursue on commission.

If you were an employee, you can also ask the labor department to investigate and recover for you.

If others affected in this way, a class action lawsuit is another option.

Practically, having a lawyer reach out with demand for payment under immediate deadline under threat of litigation, often leads to payment.

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