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Al shoots Bob in the leg, and his kneecap is shattered. Bob

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Al shoots Bob in the leg, and his kneecap is shattered. Bob seeks the following damages: $100,000 for hospital bills, $100,000 for extensive physical therapy in the future, $25,000 in lost wages, $500,000 in pain and suffering, and $1,000,000 to punish Al for shooting him. Label these amounts as compensatory damages or punitive damages, and discuss whether Bob would have a good chance to collect the full amount in each category.

My teacher says after completing the lesson that he has devised the question from, I should be able to:

define the three different categories of torts and be able to determine when each should apply
distinguish between different types of intentional torts and know what must happen for each type of intentional tort to apply
explain the elements of negligence, including duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages
explain the different types of damages a jury awards in tort cases

So if any of that can tie into the answer, that would be great. Also, please try and use examples. Thanks.
Thank you for your question and for using JA. Please click accept so I will receive credit from JA for my time.

$1,000,000 to punish

This is the only punitive damage, the rest are compensatory damages.

The purposes of punitive damages are to punish the defendant for outrageous misconduct and to deter the defendant and others from similar misbehavior in the future.

He should have no trouble collecting the compensatory damages assuming negligence. The punitive damages would depend if it was outrageous conduct
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