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In Colorado, does being placed on an M-1 psych hold for 72

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In Colorado, does being placed on an M-1 psych hold for 72 hours considered an actual "commitment" for the purposes of firearm purchase? At the end of the hold, deemed "no diagnosis or further risk", and released prior to the actual 72 hours. I know the federal law doesn't count the 72 hours without further "certifcation" or "adjudication" - but does Colorado? and if so - are there avenues for relief? The entire episode started as a pain crisis - with LE determining to have me held "for observation". No charges or issues of violence, etc.

Hello JA Customer,


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As you may know, Colorado dose not require you to obtain a gun permit in order to purchase any rifle, shotgun or handgun. While some states specifically prohibit the sale of firearms to persons who have previously been subject to an "involuntary commitment" or persons of "unsound mind", the State of Colorado has no specific language related to a purchaser's sanity. The only laws in Colorado relate to felony convictions, domestic violence and persons under the age of 18.


In fact, the concealed carry permit in Colorado doesn't even address a person's mental state but the Sheriff can deny a permit based on any "documented previous behavior".


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