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I am being harassed and slandered by a former housekeeper who

Customer Question

I am being harassed and slandered by a former housekeeper who is jealous of me. I cannot bring proof of this due to the malicious withholding of information i.e. my doctors appointments. I am a 69 year old lady who is getting social security and she considers the money hers and I am called a thief by her for getting it. I have memory problems and cannot function without the written appointment slips. I need everything in writing. My doctor has put a weight limit of five pounds for carrying bags, etc. So I get my groceries delivered by Vons/Safeway. but that excludes my laundry which I do weekly. So I have an In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) worker. I am an artist, and a good one, but I am lately having to deal with jealousy, my own mother is jealous because of my breast size (She told me one day when she was high on beer). I doubt that she is still alive. My father passed away of cancer ten years ago. But they made a niece a ally. And she still is alive as is my step-mother, who may be a drinking buddy with my niece. She, Veronica, said she would get me thrown off of my LMS Adult Day Care and my Social Security as a welfare fraud, which I am not. My stepmother is a gold digger who wants money. They hope to get some from organizations that help victims of crimes. Do I need to go to the police department and file a report? What can I do to stop this crazy person? Her proof of my guilt is that I played cards on the computer when she was here. I have the proof of my schizo effective diagnosis plus depression and high and erratic blood pressure. I also feel that the 1/2 penny that I get from the government from her isn't going to improve her life or her childrens. I have a child all grown up too. She should get a life. Not mine though. I am also a martial artist trained for over two years and my branch of Karate is the best branch for a woman to take. It includes Aikido judo, the deadly form. My Sensei was raised in Japan, his parents were embassy workers in Japan. He has since retired from the sheriffs department and the Dojo. He let his son, Mike, take over the Dojo. I am getting off of the subject with a word or a question I can get back on the subject of slander or libel and a restraining order. Take the subject of Shorinji-Kempo Karate into consideration as I have had to hold onto my temper and swallow my words leaving my blood pressure elevated (over 165/88) 191/88 and 200/? are examples of my readings lately. This requires more medicine and it is cheaper to go to the Adult Day Care (where Veronica Juarez was a driver.) I am not prejudiced against mexicans blacks or any other races in case she brings that up. I went to school and church with them. I have a good apartment and she may have wished it was hers. She doesn't know about the problems, like a bed bug infestation. I need to concentrate on something like the solitaire and still be available in case she had any questions. Anyway I don't show symptoms of my voices most of the time. Anyway, what is she doing playing detective on my time? That isn't in her job description. She knew what she was doing when she signed up, she was agreeing to a low salary for her work. She shouldn't blame others, I haven't seen her demonstrate any proof. I and the doctors are the experts here. The doctor's more than me.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  socrateaser replied 5 years ago.

I can see how frustrated you are. However, as you say, you are "all over the map," and it makes it difficult for me to answer your questions, because frankly, I don't know what they are.

Can you please state in a single sentence, what exactly you would like to know?

Example: How can I prevent my employee from talking negatively about me to others?

Thanks in advance.