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Denise Fitzpatrick
Denise Fitzpatrick,
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We are a very small landscaping co who did a 125000.00 of work

Customer Question

We are a very small landscaping co who did a 125000.00 of work for Three Rivers of Rutherford county in Tn. They never paid.We filed a circuit court law suit, they filed a chap11 in 2009.Three Rivers never filed a payment plan with the bkrpt courts.The case was dismissed.There is appox.90,000.00 holding for unsecured creditors we are the largest creditor,Their Atty keeps continuing the case.We are broke and cannot afford to hire an atty.wHAT MUST WE DO TO RECOVER SOME OF THIS MONEY?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Denise Fitzpatrick replied 5 years ago.

Attorney 1 :

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Attorney 1 :

I am sorry your ar going through such a frustrating time with this company. I recommnend calling the bankruptcy trustee, directly, if one has ben assigned, and asking what to expect and what the timeline you should expect. That's the fastest way to get answers in your particular situation. If no trustee has been assigned because the debtor remained in possession during the case, you will want to contact the attorney for the U.S. Trustee handling the matter. This will be the attorney who brought the motion to have the case dismissed. You should have a copy of the motion with the attorney info on the top left portion of the front page. If not, you can get it electronically if you have PACER access. If you do not have pacer access, you can either call the court clerk and get the information, or you may have to go down to the court and request a copy of one of the motions filed in the case by the attorney for the U.S. Trustee.

Attorney 1 :

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