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My wife was denied umemployment benefits and she had 30 days

Customer Question

My wife was denied umemployment benefits and she had 30 days to appeal. The reason stated for the denial was misconduct. I would like to help her write the appeal letter, but I can't find any examples to follow. Can you help?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Denise Fitzpatrick replied 5 years ago.

Attorney 1 :

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Attorney 1 :

This sample unemployment appeal letter is just this .. a sample and appeal letters are easier to write than you might think.

You do not want to start revealing anything accidentally in the appeal letter that creates an untenable position for your wife at the hearing, so you will wnat to keep it simple and save the argument for why your wife deserves the unemploymen, for the hearing, not the appeal letter.

You will wnat to write something along these lines:

I wish to appeal the attached determination (insert the identifying case number and/or mail date of the determination) denying me unemployment benefits per (insert statute #).

This letter serves as my notice of disagreement with the determination and as my request for a hearing to be scheduled where direct testimony and evidence will show the determination to be in error.

Providing detailed information without some foreknowledge of what is involved in the issue .. is when a claimant will most likely provide self-disqualifying information that can be used against them at a hearing. A claims department determination only needs a simple appeal letter to request the hearing. The reason for appeal is your general disagreement with it.

Attorney 1 :

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