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I have a problem. My ex boss make false accusation that i broke

Customer Question

I have a problem. My ex boss make false accusation that i broke his engine. He put someone to call my family and tell that. When i ask him, he denied. I had a 'fight' with my family over this and other( he put someone to take some funny pics with me so he can embarras me, dont have proof but know about that, and all the other, even the owner of the house). Any way when that happen they went inside my bedroom and took money and put all kind of cameras and micophone so they can watch me. I moved, but want to sue. So they give me hard time and embarass me and when i went to change the company, they find out, because it's big community, and I bump into other of his "brothers". That's how they call each other: peace brother. So I was somehow afected about what it hapend and they put me to sign a contract with less money. Didn't realized that only after they were making fun of me, 4 months. When I asked, the manager agree to give partial refund, only 2000 from 4600, every week 200. Can't sue the company because in the contract is not say all the driver pay the same. Now i am upset, and told him that i will sue everyone: the ex boss mr. Meteas, the person who called my familly mr. Tol, and the owner of the house ms. Leusca. They all have the same religion. Any advice? Now i have to move again, I am tired of moving and moving. Have to do something, they'll never stop.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  retireddebra replied 5 years ago.

Debra Thal (username) :

Are you in Michigan or Canada?

Debra Thal (username) :

If you are in Canada what province is this?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Detroit, michigan. USA. Don't know how I have canada here.