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Im appealing a case to which Ive lost a judgement of $1500

Customer Question

Im appealing a case to which Ive lost a judgement of $1500 for standing on someones car. I feel his 3 estimates, are either his friends or overhaul oriented, and not reflecting the two dents i left. how do i demonstrate a reasonable difference in theory for mechanical general knwledge that vacuum sealing can work without requiring the entire, already rusted and faded paint not to cost more than $300-$1000 within reason.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Attorney 1 replied 5 years ago.

Attorney 1 :

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Attorney 1 :

You would need to have an expert in the industry testify to those facts, on your behalf. You should also get a signed declaration to the facts you want to prove by several experts so that the there will be more evidentiary support in your favor. Make sure they are all much more credible than the other party's experts, and you will be in good shape.

Attorney 1 :

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with the understanding it is friday, i would ask how can i provide that credibility with an expert that simply signs something. or writes an estimate. in other words, how can i contrast an estimate that is different, with no painting, rusting, or priming, required, as well as a version of their inclusive estimate that is still less. it shouldnt require an expert, when im confident their hiding a friend estimate anyway, after trying to use blatant threatening actions before. cant i simply agree to have them try to vacuum seal it, and if it does ruin everything, i then pay for it.


i do not accept


ok, i accept. how can i do what u said, using expert-only written testimony, am i reasonably able to get more time by subpoen'ing more evidencve, and can i do this simply with estimates? should i mention the 3rd party i am still attempting to implede out of state

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
im sorry can i get the other answers I asked regarding the ability to get more tme in this appeal to acquire the prosecutions evidence as well as to contact experts, instead of just providing, estimates, which if that is my only option if i cant get an extension, cause like i said its friday, so is it also feasible and how with contrasting estimates instead of expert testimony. also can i get estimates from experts in paper in place of your original suggestion, since thats more doable for friday, as well.
Expert:  Attorney 1 replied 5 years ago.
Since the hearing is on Friday, you will either need to get the other party to stipulate to a continuance, or file an ex parte motion for a continuance, stating good cause. You will need to have that motion heard Thursday a.m., and will need to give telephonic notice to the opposing party of the hearing, 24 hours in advance. Your first step, however, will be to call the court clerk first thing in the morning to make sure that the judge hears ex parte motions on Thursday. If not, your only shot would be to request the continuance in court on Friday. Since you are appearing without an attorney, if you can show good cause for the request, the judge may grant it right there, on the spot.

In terms of estimates over declarations, yes the estimate is the better choice, if you can get them. I suggested the declarations because I was under the impression that an estimate would not be possible. Estimates on paper with the shop's logo, in proper form is what you would want to get.