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I received an email from ACS Incorp today. They claimed they

Resolved Question:

I received an email from ACS Incorp today. They claimed they have called me several times. Never received any calls. They also said in the email that since they could not get ahold of me that the internet crime complaint center has decided to mark it as a flat refusal and press charges against me. In the email they claim I owe $986.46. If I don't reply in 48 hours they willdownload the case against me. They also claim that once the case is downloaded against me that the creditor can contact my emplyer and tell them all about it and that if I am found quilty by a bench jury I will bear a law suit against me in the amount of $4515.85 and it will be levied against me. And that would be excluding my bail charges and attorney fees. They claim it is from a payday loan company but they won't tell me who. They have my personal info. I called the phone number listed on the email and it doesn't even ring. When I search the number is XXXXX up as a New York cell phone number and all these scam alerts from other people. What do you suggest. Are they legit or trying to scam me. I have had this happen to me before and have been threathed with being arrested and have money grammed a few thousanf dollars in the past to these kinds of claims because I was scared. They promised as soon as they received the money grams I would receive document stating the debt being paid. Well they never came. They got my money and I never got anything. So I am alittle more skeptical now.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  D. WINOGO ESQ. replied 5 years ago.
Do not send them any money!

This is a typical scare tactic. Do not provide them any information or money.

First of all, even if you did or do owe a legitimate debt, it is a civil matter (breach of contract etc.), NOT a criminal matter for which you can be jailed. Moreover, it is a violation of federal law (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) to threaten a debtor with false threats (like jail for a money debt).

Next time they call, record it and contact the Wisconsin State Attorney General's office to file a complaint. You can also contact the police and give them the recording.
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