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it was not sept/oct 2010 but 2011. Thanks Karen

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it was not sept/oct 2010 but 2011.

Sept/Oct 2011 - for what? Is this about a previous question - I will review your other questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I made a mistake. I planted seed once in sept 2010 and Robert, an outside landscaper hired by my hoa. I told my HOA to forget about Robert's mistake. In Sept/Oct 2011, a planted seeded twice. Both times Robert mowed the lawn with the seed newly planted. I asked my management team to tell Robert not to cut the grass twice. I asked Robert not to cut the grass. I put the watering hose to reminded Robert not to cut the grass because there was seeded there and I told both the management company and the landscaper that when the hose is down on the ground there is new seed there




As I stated in answer to your other question:

You could sue the vendor (Robert's employer) for the repairs - they knew of your time and effort to reseed the yard but negligently tore it up anyway.

That should be your recourse rather than withholding monies from the HOA.

You should contact the landscaping company and have them fix your yard OR you do it and sue them for the costs thereof.

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