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Say the expert of the vehicle accident reconstruction didnt

Resolved Question:

Say the "expert" of the vehicle accident reconstruction didn't determine the "witness" and secondary car at fault, but simple geometry and mathematics of the actual accident proves the so called facts of the accident otherwise. If simple math, that can't be otherwise proven wrong, proves the so called "expert" was wrong in their findings and that the witness' correlating sworn testimony was mathematically proven a lie, would this be left to the trier of the fact? Or would it be grounds for dismissal of both the "expert" and witness' testimonies?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Attorney 1 replied 5 years ago.

Attorney 1 :

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Attorney 1 :

These would be issues for the trier of fact. If you have evidence that proves the expert wrong, you will have the opportunity to present it at trial and show the jury why you are correct. Having your own expert contest the opposing witness is best, XXXXX XXXXX you can show the jury why the opposing witness' testimony is not credible, you will work wonders for your case, as it will cause the jury to favor your position.

Attorney 1 :

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