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Scam artist coming out of Accur, Ghana one is Kingsley Adams

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Scam artist coming out of Accur, Ghana one is Kingsley Adams business owner and John Mensah works at the Art Airport . Email for Mr. Adams [email protected] and the cell number is XXXXX please let me know if these men or scam men . I met Mr. Adams at a dating site . He states he is from New York , USA . he travel to Ghana as of Sept 2 ,2011 . And is still having problems getting back to the USA.

Maria Valiuquette
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

Unfortunately it appears that you became a target / victim of a common internet scam that originates from African countries of Nigeria or Ghanna.

These criminals target single man and women who are looking to relationship / love or companionship through the internet social / dating websites and contact their target in order to establish an online relationship which would allow these scammers to gain trust of their intended victim.

Once this trust is established and some type of a relationship is ongoing, the scammer would make up some type of emergency or very tragic story / problem, which would require money to resolve. The scammer would then ask / beg the victim to send a sum of money, which varies from scam to scam via western union which the scammer will claim is going to save his life and in some cases the criminal will promise and swear to pay it back to the victim.

These criminal use all type of different fake names and fake address locations, which makes it very hard to track them down and if you do not stop this relationship or send any money to this scammer, you are more than likely will become the next victim.

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