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Hello, My kids go to aftercare at the school. I signed

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My kids go to aftercare at the school. I signed a document 7/14/11. That document listed times aftercare was available. The document has a clause... It reads " I also understand that payments made in full by Aug 1st are non refundable, except in the event the family moves away from the Central Florida area.". I didn't pay until 8/16/11. How do I stand???????
FYI... What has me mad is...I signed up for aftercare because it started at 2:45. When the school year started they extended school. The kids don't get in there until 4:00- 4:05
I pick them up at 5 to 5:15. It's still $5000 for the year. I don't want to pay that for an hour everyday. It's a little pricey for me. The school is expensive enough. I tried reasoning with them.. Many emails...I don't want to participate in this new program. I signed up under the pretense of 2:45.. Then they changed the times substantially....not just 20-30 mins..
Also I didn't pay by 8/1.... What should I do? Thanks


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I love your already tried section. That is the best one I have ever read.

Customer: Thanks

You said the kids don't get there until 4 or after. Is this because the program changed the times on you?


Because school has now run later?

Customer: Correct. The school changed the end of day time. School goes later.

Okay, thanks. You said you paid on August 16th. Had school started by that time and did you know that they would not be in the aftercare program for as long at that point?

Customer: No. I paid for after before school started and before they changed the start and end times for the school year. Didn't hear about it until meet the teacher...the day before school started.
Customer: Sorry..I can't type.. I paid for aftercare before they changed the times

Okay, very good. In that case, they breached the contract and you should be entitled to a partial refund from here on out if you pull your kids out of the program. It does not matter that you paid late because they waived any right to contest that issue when they accepted payment. So that part is moot in the legal sense.

Customer: I love u.
Customer: How do I pay
Customer: U that is
Customer: Its just knowing I'm right. I don't even need to talk to them again.

That being said, there may be an issue here since this is a private school and they basically have a right to refuse service to anyone as long as it's not for an illegal reason like discrimination. So...if you cause a stink, they may tell you after this year that your kids cannot come back. I just want you to be aware of this issue. They may refuse to pay you back for the aftercare program and if you want to pursue it, you would have to take them to small claims. Here in FL, you can sue for up to $5K, so you wouldn't need an attorney if you have to go that far.


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