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i want to write a rebuttal letter to my former employer of

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i want to write a rebuttal letter to my former employer of seven years. i was let go for refusing to do my job as they stated. i did not refuse to do my job but refused to sign off on our quality control sheets as they we not built as they should have been because the engineer involved wanted them to ship incorrectly, the next day he wanted my department to go back over them and correct them which is what i wanted to do in the first place. they said i refused to do work, i wanted them to realize that this would never have happened if the engineer involved would have listened to me in the first place. this same engineer always stated he would get me fired because he knew the family that own,s the company for so long. i later found out that the floor supervisor stated in the lunch room that he need to use me to make an example. i also put up with gay slurs and mocking. i worked very hard for this company and went above and beyond.
i also found out that an old supervisor of mine was giving bad references for former employes, that would enplane why i cant obtain a job. i have a hard time putting things into words so i need help writing a letter to them, i never should have been let go and would never have jeopardized my job, i have a house i am about to loose and already lost my car because of this, there was a lot of work done by me to build these demos correctly and i made them allot of money. i thought about suing. this bothers me every day and it happened April 30th 2010

Attorney 1 :

Hello, and welcome to JustAnswer! I am preparing your response. Please remain online for a few moments, so you can get your answer right away.

Attorney 1 :

You have raised a couple of issue here. First is the issue of workplace harassment, for which your employer may be liable.

Attorney 1 :

Second is the issue of potentially wrongful termination. If you had an employment contract and were not let go "for cause" as defined in the agreement, you have been wrongfully terminated. Likewise, if the cause was erroneous, you were wrongfullly terminated.

Attorney 1 :

With regard to both issues, I recommend that you contact a local attorney, who can first attempt to remedy the matter without resort to court action, then file suit if necessary and warranted. A good place for a referral will be your county's Bar Association. There will be no charge for a very informative consultation, and there should be no out of pocket expense to you, if the attorney decides to take your case.

Attorney 1 :

You may be able to recover a considerable amount as a result of the harassment and the fact that you are unable to obtain alternative employment.

Attorney 1 :

You will need to be able to show that you have attempted to obtain other employement, but because of this situation, you have been unable to do so. The attorney will help buildl that case.

Attorney 1 :

If you need more information, just let me know.

Best of luck!

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ok, thanks so much

Attorney 1 :

PS - In the meantime, you should apply for unemployment benefits if you have not already done so.

Attorney 1 :

You are very welcome!

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