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I live in Denver,CO. & Back in april of 2011 I bought a trailer

Resolved Question:

I live in Denver,CO. & Back in april of 2011 I bought a trailer off craigs list for 425.00 and it had no title from wyoming, I turned around and sold it within 2weeks for 1500.00 with only a bill of sale. Well I had a visit from state patrol(colorado) it turns out that the guy I sold it too, tryed to get it licensed and it was found to be stolen. Of coarse he has bill of sale that I gave him and I have no paperwork for the simple fact , I sold trailer months ago. Patrol want my bill of sale and who I got it from. I gave them the phone number i had but its disconnected. What should I do if they try to pin this on me????
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  TexLaw replied 5 years ago.
You are what is known as a "good faith purchaser." Generally, a person cannot acquire title to a piece of property which is stolen because the person transferring the property to you does not have a good title. However, the law provides that if you are a purchaser in good faith, ie you had no reason to believe the property was stolen, then you have a defense to being asked to return the money on the sale.

In regard to the criminal aspect of the issue, the best defense would be to come up with an alibi. This means you need to show that you were not in the area where the trailer was stolen on the day it was stolen.

You should also continue cooperating and provide any information requested from you to the police. You can show that you purchased it from someone. You maybe able to help the police trace who the thief was by providing that information.
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