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A medical clinic filed a negative report on my credit after

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A medical clinic filed a negative report on my credit after a bill had been paid in full more than 5 weeks previously. What do I do?
If the report is inaccurate you can send the credit reporting agency a letter challenging the accuracy of the item. Make sure to include a copy of your evidence. They will contact the clinic and if the clinic does not or can not provide support for the item then it will be removed. In fact, the reporting agency is obligated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act yo remove it if it is not accurate.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have proof the account was paid in full in August. They filed it against me yesterday 9/30. They have not answered me. It has caused a problem for me with one of my other creditors. Can I make them repair what they did to me with the other creditor?
Under the Fair Credit Billing Act a creditor who breaks the rules for the correction of billing errors automatically loses the amount owed on the item in question and any finance charges on it, up to a combined total of $50--even if the bill was correct.

You as an individual may also sue for actual damages plus twice the amount of any finance charges, but in any case not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. You are also entitled to court costs and attorney's fees in a successful lawsuit.
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