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Hi!About five years ago I met a client who became a de facto

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About five years ago I met a client who became a de facto partner. I rent a location in his building and incorporated in 2008. He bought from me at time and we swap rent for merchandise at others. when business did not go well I decided to leave but he advised me not to. in 2009 he arbitrarily closed my gallery (I then owed many month in rent but at the same time I was negotiating a 60,000 deal for him, having paid him in the past as much as $45,000 cash for only one piece of antique that I had appraised and sold for him). Anyway when he arbitrarily closed my gallery I understood that that I had been played all along. However I had valuable properties in my gallery so I hired a lawyer. He refused to take all her mails. Recently I am told he got rid of my merchandise (or sold them). I initially went to a precinct (2009). The admitting officer had refused to take my report saying that it was a landlord and tenant case that belonged to court. It is clear that I have been sand-bag and booby trap all along (including computer hacking. Problem is he kept all the evidence that w3ere in my office space in the gallery). He has now open a gallery identical to mine at the same location and is dealing with my former customers and business associates. What would you advise at this point knowing that he is still engaging in character assassination creating a vacuum around me? I must say that I have been ill in the last couple years and moving is very difficult.
Good morning. I am terribly sorry for this turn of events but you have raised several issues here and I think you can take action.

First, he cannot simply keep all of your property and sell it. If he has done so and you owe rent, then you may demand an accounting for proceeds, and then recover the difference as a practical solution.

This can be done by lawyer demand as well as a lawsuit for an accounting and recovery of items

The police usually do not intervene in these cases and prefer you pursue it by negotiation and civil court action. is a good source and you want a business lawyer to pursue this on commission fee if possible.

His opening a business is not actionable, unless he had signed a non compete with you. If you worked as partners, you can pursue a claim that he violated his duty of loyalty and good faith, but its a difficult argument if not a formal corporation or similar organization

He cannot defame you by spreading alse information. That can be stopped by a a lawyer cease and desist letter followed by a lawsuit for an injunction and damages.

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