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Im 57, married no kids with a paid for home and retirement assets. I just had unp

Customer Question

I'm 57, married no kids with a paid for home and retirement assets.

I just had unprotected sex with a prostitute - she invited me to do it without condoms, we'd been smoking a joint and drinking.

At first, I was concerned about STD's,Aids,etc. and she said she was ok and I paid alot of money and for that I was the man.

Now, in retrospect I'm thinking she did it to get pregnant and extort money from me.
If she gets pregnant can she come after me for child support? How would she do that? Can she get a court order for a DNA sample?
What are my risks?
Am I way too concerned here? Do I need to see an attorney pronto?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Joseph replied 6 years ago.

While it's purely speculation on my part, I would suggest that you are probably worrying needlessly. I say this as I find it unlikely that the prostitute would want to get pregnant solely to collect child support.


However, if she were to be pregnant, then yes, she could pursue you for child support. This, of course, presumes that she knows who you are and/or can find you to bring you into court. If so, she could request a DNA test, establish paternity and then obtain a court order requiring you to pay support.


This can be a rather complex issue, please let me know if anything requires clarification.


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