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I had a issue today. I was visiting a friend and his neighbors

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I had a issue today. I was visiting a friend and his neighbors dog was loose and jumped up on my truck and scratched my paint up badly on my truck. I had a police report filled out and tried to work with them out of court. They are being uncooperitive. Now the only evidence I have is the scratches my eye wittness and my friends eye wittness and the home owner (my friends roomate) wittness that the dog roams free all the time. What are the steps to take to get a court case started? And about how much will it cost? And with the evidence I have what do you think are my chances in court since I really don't have any hard evidence like pictures of the act or video or anything?
Dear JACUSTOMER - You can simply file a suit against the neighbors in the small claims court. If your friends will testify for you at trial this should be an easy case to prove in court. I would get an estimate of damages so you know the amount you are suing for and have something to present in court to back up your claim. There;s no need for a lawyer in small claims court and most courts have the necessary forms for you to fill out and file. If the neighbors have homeowners insurance it should cover the damage.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did ask her about home owners insurance she told me that because it didn't happen on her property that it was parked in the street they won't cover it.
I doubt that but it doesn't matter. You still need to file a suit to get your money.
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