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My partner and I want to start an online store but dont know

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My partner and I want to start an online store but don't know what kind of business structure will be best , LLC, or S-crop. This is beginning as a home based business out of Downey, CA. (southern california) and will move if expansion is necessary, this store will focus on selling then shipping personal hygiene supplies and other products. The company will be ran and managed by 2 owners for as long as possible before employing anyone.

Question 1) What business structure will be best for our online store?

Question 2) What License or permits will I need to buy then sale goods online?

Question 3) If expansion and company relocation out of my home become necessary will I have to reapply for anything besides a change of address?
Thank you for your question and welcome to

The best structure will be an LLC for the business. There are fewer formalities than with a corporation.

The only license you need would be a local business license where you will be located. You will also need a sales tax ID because you will have to pay sales tax on all sales in California (though not on out-of-state sales).

If you relocated, all you've got to do is change the address. There are no other legalities to be concerned with outside of that.

You will need an FEIN from the IRS as well to file taxes and open a bank account. You can get that online - just Google "FEIN IRS online" and the official IRS page will be at the top (or near it).

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry Nathan I forgot to include this small question, will I need a resale number or license for purchasing?
That's covered by the sales tax ID. That's usually all vendors will need to deal with you (and some don't even care about that).
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