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my husband co-signed for student loans for our children 2

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my husband co-signed for student loans for our children 2 r in school and one out of school- the 1 out of school is not paying her student loans and it hurting my husband credit- how can we get out of these student loans and build our credit back up?

Unfortunately unless the lender on the student loans is willing to release your husband, which is virtually impossible, nothing short of paying them in full will release him from his liability under the contract. If your daughter is not paying her loan, then the only way to ensure that your husband's credit is not further damaged is for him to assume the loan payments. Once he has paid the loan off, he could then file suit against your daughter for her breach of the agreement and for what he paid out. Otherwise, if she has good credit, which doesn't appear to be the case since she hasn't paid her loan payments, she could get a consolidation loan that would pay off the student loan and roll it over into one in her own name only. However, with poor credit and debt payment record it will be difficult for her to find someone willing to loan her that money.

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