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I was at work and while I was working 2 girls drunk rammed

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I was at work and while I was working 2 girls drunk rammed my car,it was deemed totaled,I never experienced this before,I did have insurance,I got money for the car,but I had to spend my 6 days off looking for a car,I also lost some personal things in the car,can I sue her for emotional distress or does that sound stupid,I was very upset,they asked me to assist in the accident in front of the jail that I work in,I am glad I was not needed after all,it was my car that they destroyed,that was paid off now I have a car not,does it matter if I had insurance or not and can I sue her for anything,I don't know what to say in small cliam court?
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

Generally in a car accident where the motorist did not suffer any personal injury, this motorist would not be able to sue for any type of emotional distress.

However the motorist can sue for the loss of use of the vehicle that was a total loss, but generally not for the time spend looking for a new car.

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