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Brad stands in front of Rustlers Round-Up Caf , shouting fighting

Resolved Question:

Brad stands in front of Rustler's Round-Up Café, shouting "fighting words" that are likely to incite Rustler's patrons to respond violently. The First Amendment protects such speech
all of the time.
none of the time.
only if it is noncommercial.
only if it is symbolic.

Cassandra accepts what she believes was an offer to work for Destination Vacations, Inc., as a chef. In determining whether a contract has been formed, an element of prime importance is
the condition of the workplace.
the duration of the work.
the intent of the parties.
the subject of the contract.

Nadine is a spectator at the Metro City Softball Tournament, an athletic competition. Regarding the risk of injury, Nadine assumes the risks
attributable to the tournament in any way.
different from the risks normally associated with the tournament.
greater than the risks normally associated with the tournament.
normally associated with the tournament.
Fernando obtains a consumer loan from Greater Regional Credit Union at an interest rate that exceeds the state's maximum. Greater Regional has
created a risk for the purpose of assuming it.
engaged in a restraint of trade.
violated a licensing statute.
committed usury.
Jacquie signs a contract to buy a car just before reaching the age of majority. After reaching the age of majority, Jacquie does not take possession or make payments. Most courts would hold, with respect to the contract, that this is

The state legislature of Kansas enacts a statute to regulate trucking that affects interstate commerce. This statute will be balanced in part in terms of
the courts' authority to determine that a law is unconstitutional.
the purpose of interstate commerce.
the state's interest in regulating the matter.
the statute's impact on noneconomic activity.
A state law that treats nonresidents different from residents may violate the privileges and immunities clause.
Answer True

Howie enters into a contract with Ida over the Internet to buy soybeans as a hedge against falling prices in corn. Neither party prints out a hard copy. Under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN Act), this contract can
be "denied legal effect" if it falls under the UCC's Statute of Frauds.
be "denied legal effect" unless a hard copy is printed.
be "denied legal effect" until it is executed.
not be "denied legal effect" because it is only in electronic form.
anny tells Eden that she will sign a lease if it includes a clause permitting Fanny to extend the lease at the same amount of rent. Fanny's intent to sign the lease is determined by reference to Fanny's
unspoken opinions.
words and action.

Criminal law focuses on duties that exist between persons.
Answer True

Brasilia, a real estate broker licensed only in Connecticut, concludes a land sale in Delaware. She can
collect the commission if it has not been paid.
keep the commission if it has already been paid.
foreclose on the property to obtain any unpaid amount.
not collect the commission, keep it, or foreclose on the property.

3D HD TV Company, a firm in Minnesota, advertises on the Web. A court in North Dakota would be most likely to exercise jurisdiction over 3D HD if the firm
conducted substantial business with North Dakota residents through its Web site.
interacted with any North Dakota resident through its Web site.
only advertised without interactivity at its Web site.
suddenly removed its ad from the Internet.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 6 years ago.
1) None of the time.

2) Intent of the parties

3) Normally associated with the tournament

4) Violated a licensing statute (usury does not generally apply to commercial transactions)

5) Disaffirmance.

6) The state's interest in regulating the matter.

7) True.

8) Not be denied legal effect only because it is in electronic form

9) Words and actions

10) False

11) Not collect

12) Conducted substantial business with ND Residents

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