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Dont mean to waste anyones time but please read my entire

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Don't mean to waste anyone's time but please read my entire post. I purchased what was supposed to be $3 quick pick Mega Millions ticket yesterday 5/31/2011 for the drawing last might. Upon purchasing the ticket, I did not look at it and just put it in my pocket. At the time of the drawing I retrieved the ticket from my pocket to check the numbers and I realized my ticket that I paid $3 for only had one draw on it and it was supposed to have 3 draws. The ticket states 3 draws and the amount of $3 I paid but again only had one draw printed on it. I am wondering if there is any compensation I could possibly receive due to this error. My question of compensation arises from the fact that the 2 draws I didn't receive could have possibly been the winning numbers? I purchased the tickets, like everyone else, with the intention of winning except I was shorted 2 draws that I paid for. My thinking is, is that the lottery board can not prove the fact that I wouldn't have won but I can prove the fact that I bought these tickets with the intentions of winning and did indeed pay for 3 draws, but only received 1 draw leaving open the possibility that I could of very well had the winning numbers had I been given my 3 draws. The slogan "you can't win if you don't play" is 100% correct but if I don't have a fair chance to win when I did play then I wondering if this is a legitimate lawsuit I can file due to their error? Crediting me back my $2 wouldn't change the fact that I did not have a fair chance for what I paid for. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.....
You have two options. Unfortunately, you can only recover your two dollars for your out of pocket expense. There are mo punitive damages permitted and you would have to prove that you "would" have definitely won as opposed to "maybe". In addition, since it is impossible for you to prove that you definitely would have won, then any additional recovery over two dollars would be considered unjust enrichment.The other form of recourse is to report the business that sold you the ticket to the Arizona Lottery for fraud. If the clerk acted intentionally, then the business will be fined and they will lose their license/ability to act as an agent to sell lottery tickets.
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