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My ex wife continues to send me sarcastic and annoying text

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My ex wife continues to send me sarcastic and annoying text messages on my phone from her phone.also she threatens to not allow me to see my son on my court ordered days because she stated in text mess as well as letters that what she has planned for our son superceeds the divorce decree..what can i do to stop the texts and asure i have and get my court ordered visits ?...thanks
Thank you for your question.

Have you warned her to stop making such messages or threatening you with access to your son?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes several times.
Thank you for your follow-up.

Did you do so in writing? Last summer, with an attorney, did you file for a contempt petition against her by any chance or it did not come to that point?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I believe so.not yet.I have been told to file a motion to enforce or writ of attachment by my law enforcement friends,she knows I cannot afford to fight her in court so i feel that is her motivation behind this dispite her attorneys warning that she cannot do that..

Thank you for your follow-up.

It sounds like your ex is simply trying to make trouble. What you can do (for free), is to send her a certified letter, or even a text, demanding that she cease and desist unwarranted communication and stop making threats, or you will resort to legal options. If she still refuses to stop, next day you can go to the police station and file for a formal restraining order. Then, contact the courthouse, get the forms, and fill them out yourself for contempt if she actually does withhold your son without any reason. You may also want to consider filing an additional petition for emergency sole custody until the contempt hearing which if granted, can permit you to contact the sheriff and collect the son from her. While she can taunt you at first, if you can show that you were granted a restraining order, the courts are MUCH more willing to grant the other parent custody until that order and that whole mess is straightened out. It is not about affording to fight her in court--you can actually do most of this on your own without counsel.

Good luck.
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