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I was informed tonight that I have been released from my volunteer

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I was informed tonight that I have been released from my volunteer coaching position as a volunteer head coach of a travel soccer team (U-9 boys) team. I do not have any known complaints from player parents about my coaching abilities. The problem arose when I did not successfully sign my team up for the spring season, we play fall and spring in New Jersey). I have volunteered my time for 30 years and I have had many successful teams. Out of 14 players one parent ask for 1/2 her money back of $170.00 which would normally cover the cost of 2 seasons (fall & spring) The money goes directly to the Vineland Soccer board. The board is a non-profit organization and is incorporated with by-laws. The board last month with less than a caucus present voted for a motion as follows." That the VSA will pay the U-9boys team the cost of one tournament $350.00 this season and the team will deal with the parent concerns and issues. I voted no and so did other members. The motion passed. This motion as written does not say that I am obligated to pay out of my pocket the reinburstment to the parent if she refused. I mentioned to the board that I do not get paid I am a volunteer besides being one hundred percent disabled vet. I am of good character and community responsible person. Can you help me.
Thank you for your question. I am a New Jersey licensed expert.

I am sorry but I am a bit unclear. Do you wish to know how to be reinstated as a couch again?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I believe with honesty that I am being trated unfairly. I did not get a chance to appear before the board to answer my accusers of wrong doing and nor have I been notified by mail. My removal was by a phone call I had recived tonight after spending my week end at a tournament with the team
Thank you for your question.

Hmm, the issue here is the fact that you are an "unpaid volunteer". Since you get no financial benefit from your position, it is not technically a property right and that means that you are not covered under either employment laws (you get no wage), or procedural due process, since this legally has no value. Regrettably you do not have an inherent right to coach, and if you are removed, it is at the discretion of the board. You CAN technically demand a hearing (by claiming it as a procedural right anyway, as it has intrinsic value to you), and they would have to comply. If they fail to do so, you would have to retain counsel to file against the board for violating your rights. I do have to warn you, however, that I really do not see a strong case here simply because you have no fundamental right to coach, and you only do so at the sufferance of the Board.

I wish I had better news but I prefer to be direct so that you are aware of your chances.

Good luck.
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